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About Open Tone Music

As members of the arts community, we see the large number of young people that miss out on the opportunity to experience the benefit of music education. We also see many who have limited or no access to the performing arts including seniors and those who are hospitalized.

Open Tone Music is committed to bringing music to people. Our mission is to support, develop and implement programs which focus on making music performance and music education accessible. We focus primarily on youth but serve individuals of all ages. We strive to fill the ever growing gap of individuals both young and old who have been denied the benefits of music.

We are excited that we recently received our non-profit tax exempt status from the IRS under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code effective November 2013.

Our Mission

In 2010 Open Tone Music began with the goal to:

  • make music accessible to the community
  • provide music education both inside and outside the classroom for youth and adults
  • offer music performance which are accessible to the public of all ages
  • offer opportunity for musicians in training to rehearse and perform with professionals
  • provide education and access in the business of making music

Since it's creation, Open Tone Music has been able to serve thousands of youth in the Northern Ohio area with the help of fiscal agents, community partners and individual donors.


Chris Anderson
Executive Director
Theron Brown
Director of the Rubber City Jazz & Blues Festival
Nathan-Paul Davis
Director of Instrumental Music
Dr. Noa Even
Woodwinds / Brass