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501 (c)(3)
We're non-profit, meaning we intend to make a difference with any funds that come in.
We partner with lots of other organizations and programs to collaborate on and make available the best resources to our students.
Throught collaboration with our partners and our own grit, we offer both in-school and after-school opportunities to our students.
Networking and understanding the elements of business and the craft itself are crucial to success in music. We connect our students to the industry and to valuable resources.

Make Music Accessible

Music brings people together in powerful and dynamic ways, and gives people of all ages and backgrounds a platform for expression and understanding.

Provide Music Education

Whether it's during the day at school, or lessons after school, we try to educate our students on specific instruments, music theory, and the importance of practice and hard work.

Offer Music Performance

Aside from educating, we also strive to provide students an arena to perform what they work on with an audience who can appreciate it.

Offer Opportunity

With our partners and connections in the industry, introducing students to opportunities to perform and work with other musicians, music groups, and organizations is another important goal of ours.

Teach the Business Side

While music is our center and focus, teaching students who are interested in pursuing a career in music the ins and outs of the industry's business side is crucial.

Partner with Like-Minded Orgs

As mentioned, our partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals is one of the keys to us accomplishing our goals and having an impact in this space.

Help us by donating and we can impact more people with the power of music, education, and networking!

While we are able to help hundreds students annually we still lack the financial resources to provide specialized training to advanced students or provide scholarship for our graduating seniors. Help support us in our efforts to give these young people a chance. Your donation may be tax deductible under the Internal Revenue service charitable contribution guidelines.
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About Us

As members of the arts community, we see the large number of young people that miss out on the opportunity to experience the benefit of music education. We also see many who have limited or no access to the performing arts including seniors and those who are hospitalized.

Why Our Students Love Us

  • Personal Development

    We focus on creating better humans through the study and appreciation of music.
  • Real-World Perspective

    All of our teachers are professional artists in the field of music who have a passion for sharing their musical talents with young people.
  • Mentorship

    Mentor-ship plays an important role in what we do. Many of our interns are former students who have stayed in the area to further their careers through higher education.

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